SEL-5(VI) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Heavy Oil Antiscaling and Blocking Removal)

This product is a new oilfield chemical treatment agent, it is mainly used on Near Wellbore Strip for eliminating organics blockage caused by wellbore, asphaltene, wax and other organic matter clogging, as well as inorganic blockage caused by calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate and other minerals. At the sametime, it could remove the emulsification blockage and Water Lock effect in the immediate vicinity of wellbore, so as to recover stratum permeability and increase oil production and water injection. The agent can also be used to clean the tubing, wellbore tools, pump parts, grease pieces and oil pipelines. The agent has low surface tension and interfacial tension, good demulsifying performance, high wax removal ratio, and it can convert inorganic sediments to a water-soluble inorganic salts, other advantages include free of pollution, no harm, multipurpose application, high efficiency, easy to formulate, low-cost, etc.

1. Performance indicators:

(1) Appearance: milky white liquid.

(2) PH value: 8.0 to 9.5.

(3) Density: 1.00 ~ 1.05g / cm3.

(4) Surface tension: 30~32X10-6mN/m.

(5) Demulsification capacity: 90 ℃, water outlet ratio 90% min.

(6) Wax dissolving rate: more than 45% under50 ℃..

(7) Oil recovery rate: more than 90% under 50 ℃.

(8) Inorganic scale removal rate: 85% min.

(9) Temperature resistance: Around 130 ℃.

2. Usage:

(1) For removal blockage, dilute with water 3 to 4 times, then pump into the stratum, shut the wellbore for two to three hours, then ready for oil recovery without removing the agent solution.

(2) For cleaning scaling pieces, indulge the workpiece into descaling cleaning detergent soak for 4 to 8 hours, or stirring and cleaning by circulation pump for 1 to 2 hours.

(3) For cleaning scaling pipelines, inject the agent solution into pipeline, standing 4 to 8 hours, and then wash it.

3. Dosage:

2 m3 per meter oil well section . (Perforation connection thickness).


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