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Cementing additives supplier, Corrosion inhibitor plant,China Drag reducer manufacturer– ZORANOC OILFIELD CHEMICAL

Q: Is Zoranoc an oil company? What does Zoranoc do?

A: Zoranoc is not an oil company, but we do work very closely with oil companies. Zoranoc is an oilfield & oil refinery services company. We provide chemicals and additives necessary in well drilling and oil refining to ensure that oil companies get optimal production rates. Our products & service help our customers meet the world's demand for energy.Now we have dozens of products such as cementing additives, corrosion inhibitor, Drag reducer, fluid loss addtives, defoamer and etc.


Q:  Where is Zoranoc’s headquartered?

A:  The Company’s corporate headquarters is in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, China. Its predecessor is Hebei Oilfield Chemical Plant (founded in 1993), a member of Sinopec Group, then restructured to a corporate enterprise, renamed as Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Q: Describe Zoranoc’s employee population.

A: As a global leading supplier of petrochemicals and oilfield service Company, Zoranoc has advanced laboratories and professional R&D personnel, and independently supplies customers with technical solutions and customized products. All the work from design, preparation, tests to production, benefits from the 500 highly-skilled employees.

Q: Where can I get more details about the innovative services and technology Zoranoc provides?

A: Zoranoc continuously adjusts development strategies, gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh, researches and develops high-end petrochemicals at a high starting point, and collaborates with Shenyang Chemical University, Sinopec Petrochemical Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University in R&D and technology upgrading of petrochemical products.More about the Company and its technology focus is in our latest what's new.

Q: I am interested in a job with Zoranoc, what should I do?

A: In order to gain full functionality of our online application system, you will need to visit our website at www.zoranoc.com, where you will have the opportunity to search and apply for internships, global positions that cover a variety of regions, product service lines and functional areas.  You can also input all of your resume information in a candidate profile and then our recruiters will match your skills with our job opportunities. Be sure to release your profile allowing our recruiters to find you. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by our recruiter.

Q: Does Zoranoc sponsor and/or hire internationals? If so, what are your residency requirements?

A: We do recruit globally, and we regularly look for candidates who wish to pursue opportunities in their home country or any country in which they are legally authorized to work. We currently have a number of positions available in China, and will have more positions at our international locations. Please pay close attention to our Careers to learn more about open positions.

Q: Does Zoranoc offer internships?

A: Zoranoc does have an internship program mainly designed for pre-graduation candidates who possess the potential to support our business needs. We've tried to develop the program in such a way that it gives you a chance to work on meaningful projects, expand your technical business and leadership skills, and, most of all, gain the practical skills and experience that can help you succeed in your field and perhaps eventually help you become a full-time member of the Zoranoc team. Our open internship positions are posted on our website www.zoranoc.com, where you can apply online.

Q: What type of training will I receive?

A: The training you receive will vary based on your job. Our sales managers, for example, receive comprehensive products & services training, and are mentored by highly experienced sales managers early in their careers. For people working in one of our support organizations, training, again, varies according to the position.

If you have any other questions,pls contact us freely.