An exclusive interview of Li Fei, the president and general manager of Xinchang company, by Chen Changwen with “chinese enterprises newspaper”

On February 19, 2010, Mr. Li Fei, the president and general manager of Xinchang Company, accepted an exclusive interview of Chen Changwen, reporter of “Chinese Enterprise Newspaper” in Beijing. (See the sixth edition of the “China enterprise news” 2010.2.22 for details)

During interview, Mr. Li talked about from the development history of Xinchang Company to his purposes of running chemical companies: "Technology foundation, Green destiny." He told the reporter that he never forgot the environment consciousness since he devoted himself to the chemical industry, that always positively responded to the national call for energy saving and cost reducing, and that strove to make products of Xinchang Company create "low carbon economy" through customers’ use, in order to save energy and reduce cost for customers. Finally, Mr. Li told reporter that the company intent to cooperate with the US company of SUMMIT to redefine the industrial cleaning industry, and to introduce "green chemical" into the industrial cleaning industry.